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 Our number one specialty is professional web design services for businesses around the world. We provide custom web design and development, including logo design, graphic design, database development… everything you need to get your business’ website up and running.  


 One of our areas of expertise would be website design and local SEO.  We have the reputation as one of the most trusted web design agencies in Indianapolis. Our portfolio of work has been proven to deliver a high-quality visual representation of our client’s business. Having special insight and experience with the US market culture provides us with a distinct advantage to communicate messages to the target audience with laser-like precision, where the entirety of elements in a project, including the language, will see a smooth delivery. 


Customers want websites that are easy to use. People don’t want to work hard to find what they need. The site that is uncluttered and logically arranged and fits in with the way people are used to thinking and working is the one they’ll use. Whether your company needs a searchable catalog on your site or forms, we have all the right tools to help your business. 

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Why Projectmyteam

You need a website


For anyone  visiting your website, it is your company. If you want an identity that sets you apart from competitors, the design is critical.

So before we design the site, we study your business. We’ll ask a lot of questions. Two of the most important are: “What do you want to do on the web that you can’t do now?” and “Where does it hurt?” What are the problems and frustrations you struggle w1ith? Your website should help relieve the pain.

Only after we’ve studied your business will we start on the design. And design is much more than just what your website looks like. It includes: What information will be given high and low priorities; What goes where; How users will move from place to place on the site to do what they want to do.

The design of the homepage gets special attention. It’s the first impression so it must win credibility and get the visitor to stay. Its design can also lead Google to give you a higher ranking.

We’ll show you at least two complete designs for discussion before working on a final.
It’s secure. Your business can be very well protected from cyber-crime if the right security measures are taken. Victims are usually people whose webmasters either don’t have the technical chops or just don’t bother.

It should be easy for you to update information on your site, easy to get reports about what people are doing on it, and easy to manage the things you want visitors to be able to do and not do.


What's included

Everything you need


Keyword research
Site map
Internal links
Title tags

and more..

Get a website that converts

We make sure your site  looks good

 A site that looks good is like a store or an office that looks good. It inspires confidence, makes people comfortable and, suits your industry and your brand. 

We make it easy to add new functions

 As your business changes, you’ll probably need your website to do new things. Building it with that in mind will avoid headaches later. 

What we offer


What we offer is a vast departure from the past as it has a future-forward design. Our expert web design professionals will certainly provide good value for your money. Simple leave your web page design in our hands. 

Each stage of the process will be approved by our client before taking the next step, ensuring that the client will always have the desired results. Being perfectionists ourselves, we perform the relevant revisions to the original draft after going through comments and suggestions, ultimately resulting in the final draft that will be uploaded and unveiled to the rest of the world.

Do you need to show to your prospects products, properties, or projects you’ve completed? We can make it easy for customers to find just what they’re looking for and get all the information you want them to have. Include pictures, prices, specifications, shipping details, whatever you want.

You’ll be able to make changes to your website yourself. Hundreds of our clients do it. No experience needed. We’ll teach you and your people everything you need to know in a one-hour training session. After that, just log in with your password to add or delete products, edit copy, change prices, and do whatever you need to do to keep your site up-to-date and working hard. We’ll protect the inner workings of your site so your people can’t change anything they’re not supposed to.If you ever run into a snag, just call us. We won’t nickel and dime you with charges.

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