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Why Text Marketing

 SMS marketing and text marketing with ProjectMyTeam is a simple and effective way to increase customer loyalty or drive demand. Text marketing is just one of the ways that advertisers promote brands and products through mobile devices as they seek to connect with potential customers.  

 Text marketing is precisely what it sounds like -- a marketing campaign that uses text messages to deliver advertisements or promotions to users. Text marketing encompasses nearly all kinds of ads, from simple brand or product promotion to special sales and discounts for mobile users and alerts about new products. With the rise of smartphones, some of these text messages also incorporate pictures to products and links to companies' websites so consumers can place an order on their phone as well. 

 Many advantages come with text marketing. Since the vast majority of consumers have their cell phones with them most of the time, marketers have a higher chance of reaching them in real time. Moreover, people are much more likely to open text messages than promotional emails. Companies that give special discounts and pricing to mobile users may also boost sales and sway people toward a purchase they would not otherwise have made. 

How it works

1. Reserve a Keyword

2.  Send Promotions,  Reminders, and Notifications

3. Watch sales and Engagement Grow

Our Portfolio

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Build a list and customers text your keyword code like 58585.


Customers can sign up easily


Setup recurring campaigns and drip campaigns.

What we offer

Grow with Text Message Marketing


Engage your audience with birthday and anniversary messages. Recurring Reminders allows you to set-it-and-forget-it, saving you precious time.

Increase renewals with payment reminders and billing notifications. Set up automated reminders that help keep your subscribers on time.

Reduce no-shows with appointment reminders. Avoid the headaches of missed appointments by setting up easy reminders for your customers.

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