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Local SEO

 Local search engine optimization, is the method of raising Google rankings by implementing a series of tactics with hopes of reaching higher search rankings when a customer does a “near me” search in Google. 

 SEO can be complicated. But not having SEO prevents your business from gaining new audiences. Using tools like search engine optimization is a challenge worth overcoming. We take away the complication and confusion. We make it easy to understand what we can do for you and how we can do it. 


Keyword Research




SEO Specialist

  Are you looking for an SEO specialist  offer include the following aspects of SEO and online marketing in the wider context: 


- Keyword Research

 - Competitor Analysis  

- Link building * Outreach link-building  * Guest posting/blogger outreach  * "Linkable asset" development 

- Local SEO  * Local-specific website optimisation  * Geographic citation building  * Google 'My Business' (Google Places) optimization 

- Technical SEO  * Website audits and appraisals  * Web page speed optimization  * Penalty evaluation, mitigation and recovery 

- Data collection and analysis  * Link profile detox  * Keyword research  * Competitive analysis  

- Negative SEO protection/mitigation   

How It Works

First Page Google Rankings

#1 on Google

  If the pages on your website are the most relevant and authoritative on a given subject and your site is free from any fundamental technical errors, its highly likely that you'll be ranking in the top position, and this is where we apply our focus. 

 - First page Google rankings within two months for competitive keywords 

 - Position one ranking in Google for keywords that attract over 200,000 searches a month  

- Pages ranking for long-tail keywords in less than one week  

- First-page Google Places ranking for newly-registered businesses in just one week  

- Position one ranking in Google Places for more established businesses 

 - Educated to degree level with past experience working within a managerial role
- 100% record of success removing Google manual penalties (obviously not caused by us in the first place)


How it works


Our SEO Process

We understand that every business is unique and requires SEO that fits their brand's needs. Therefore we also offer options that are tailored to your goals. 


We dig deep to thoroughly evaluate where your keywords are currently appearing in the Google search engine. Technical Analysis: This is where we check the health of your website. We look for things such as website speed, usability, tracking, accurate conversion code installation, and other development-related aspects which can benefit local SEO visibility.

Competitor Analysis: Our skilled SEO team finds the answers to questions about the competition before diving into any campaign. Who are your main competitors? Why are they ranking at the top of the search engine? What content are they producing and how often? Where are they spending their marketing dollars?

Traffic Analysis: We evaluate exactly how visitors are searching for businesses like yours and finding their desired results. Picking the right keywords is a crucial part of our local SEO services. Where are your visitors currently coming from? How many are coming from local organic search? Where are the largest opportunities to get local clients who will buy your services?

Keyword Research

Projectmyteam looks for the best SEO keywords for your business to target.

Using keyword research tools: Our team will often start by looking at what people are searching for in your area. Using this data, we can compose a list of suggested keywords to improve how often your business matches the search.

Using your competitor’s keywords: It is likely that your competitor is ranking for valuable keywords that you also want to target. We start by taking a deep look into what they’re ranking for, how they are ranking, and then we one-up them by creating higher quality content for your business.

Asking you what keywords you want to target: The first thing we ask a new client is what keywords they want to target.  By understanding your keyword phrases, we can make a recommendation based on the data we generate during our analysis.  Your customers and their searching habits are often the greatest resource when it comes to 

finding local keyword opportunities so ask them how they found you!


Projecmyteam concentrates on actions that are high impact when it comes to SEO so long articles, Google Maps focus and high-quality backlinks will begin to rank your website in the search engines. Organic SEO:  The work we do during the implementation process marinates, cooks up and continuously serves as a gourmet meal. This is what is meant by organic SEO. The enhancements we roll out will improve the SEO health of your website forever. No quick spikes or fad improvements. Extensive On-Page SEO:  We conduct a SWOT analysis of your digital marketing presence to determine strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. In addition to assessing your technical health and keyword mapping, we complete a thorough on-page SEO process for all of the current pages of your website. Off-Page SEO:  Online mentions are one of the primary reasons a local website ranks high in search engines. By using effective off-page SEO and local PR, we can predictably bring you more mentions from other sites which skyrockets your local SEO performance


MyTeam, scrupulously looks into what is moving and what is not. Keyword Movement Reporting: The targeted keywords chosen at the beginning of your SEO campaign are tracked throughout the campaign to determine their movement in search engine rankings. Our team at Develomark delivers these results to you in a monthly report so that you can see if we’re progressing or losing rank. Google Analytics Reporting:  By using Google Analytics data, we often discover re-optimizing opportunities in your SEO campaign. With this date, we show you your traffic segmented by gender, age, behavior, income, location, search device, and much more. Executive Reporting: At the end of each month, you will receive an executive reporting statement where we communicate all of our optimization efforts in one report.  This includes evert detail including analytics, rankings, directories, and social media stats. Our executive reporting will show you a birds-eye view of how well you’re performing online.